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The Made in Alberta label allows consumers to instantly identify food and beverage products made in our province.

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When we choose local, we support our neighbours

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Join us in celebrating what it means to be Made in Alberta, and find out how buying Alberta-made products can make a real difference to our communities.

By purchasing local, you are directly supporting Alberta’s growers, farmers, producers and processors. It supports our economy, builds up our communities, and helps ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

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For Consumers

There has never been a better time to support our local communities. By making a conscious decision to buy products that are grown, made, or produced locally, you are doing your part to create a stronger, healthier and more sustainable province.

It is now simpler than ever to identify products made in Alberta, thanks to the new Made in Alberta label. Next time you are out at the grocery store, keep an eye out for the Made in Alberta label to find products that are grown, made and produced right here at home.

For Growers and Processors

The agri-food industry has a voluntary labelling program called Made in Alberta. The program will make it easy for Albertans to recognize locally produced or processed food and beverage products in retail settings.

Buying local boosts our economy, supports our fellow Albertans, builds up our communities and helps ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Look For the Label

Our unique Made in Alberta label clearly identifies local food and beverages that are made right here in Alberta.

By purchasing Made in Alberta products, you are supporting Alberta’s growers, farmers, producers, and processors. When we choose local, we choose our neighbours.