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Sodbuster – Rhubarb Wine

Elnora, AB
Depending on the harvest season, our rhubarb wine can be a beautiful rose , or a wonderful white wine. Combining the tartness of rhubarb, with refreshing crisp citrus afternotes make this wine a delicious addition to your wine collection. Pair with smoked meats and seafood.

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DNA Gardens
Elnora, AB

DNA Gardens offers a wonderful day out or weekend getaway. Nestled on our 25-acre fruit farm, we cultivate 10 different types of fruit in our orchard. With an abundance of fruit, we ventured into creating Our Root Winery and distillery, producing 9 fruit wines and 4 spirits. Experience a wine tour right where the fruits are grown. Indulge in a meal at our Bootlegger cafe, featuring a menu crafted by our Red Seal chef. Enjoy various dining options every weekend.