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Farm Boy – Saskatoon Wine

Elnora, AB
The wonderful subtlety of saskatoons are displayed beautifully in this wines lighter red and smooth taste profile. Hints of oak and butterscotch tannins help bring out all the flavour of this juicy berry to make a crowd favorite.

Company Information

DNA Gardens
Elnora, AB

DNA Gardens offers a wonderful day out or weekend getaway. Nestled on our 25-acre fruit farm, we cultivate 10 different types of fruit in our orchard. With an abundance of fruit, we ventured into creating Our Root Winery and distillery, producing 9 fruit wines and 4 spirits. Experience a wine tour right where the fruits are grown. Indulge in a meal at our Bootlegger cafe, featuring a menu crafted by our Red Seal chef. Enjoy various dining options every weekend.