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Rowdy Red Sangria

Camrose, AB
A Craft Wine Sangria that starts with the flavor of Sweet Wildberry and ends in a full bodied Merlot.

Company Information

Half Korked Winery Ltd.
Camrose, AB

Half Korked Winery is based in the heart of Alberta. We make custom, craft Winegria. Rowdy Red Winegria - starts with sweet Wildberry and ends in full bodied Merlot. Whino White Winegria - starts with an aroma of Peach, then taste of Raspberry and ends in an Oaky Chardonnay. Traditionally Blitz'd - German fFruit Cake Merlot - starts with the aroma of coffee and ends in a chocolately fulll bodied Merlot. This is our take on a Sangria we age our wines and add fruit essence to them.