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Mandalay Mee-shay: Noodle in Soybean Chicken Sauce

Edmonton, AB
An Iconic Dish in the Upper Part of Myanmar! WHAT IS MEE-SHAY: It is a specialty dish of Shan State, Eastern part of Myanmar. There are regional variance of Mee-Shay. Our product replicates Mandalay Style, a dish of thick noodle with chicken curry sauce, sour mustard and fermented beans. Yum-Yummy!

Company Information

A&A Greenilla Food Ltd.
Edmonton, AB

A&A Greenilla Food Ltd. is a woman-owned food product company, the first commercial producer of delicious and authentic Myanmar dishes in North America under the Moe brand. We prioritize quality assurance by using high-quality ingredients and following the strict safety guidelines of the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations. We guarantee that the best products are manufactured to the highest taste and food safety requirements. We offer ready-to-eat and easy to prepare, retail ready, scabble items