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Crispy Chickpea Tempura: Soup Cracker

Edmonton, AB
DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY CRACKERS: A compliment to salads, Moe MohHinGar soup, and all other types of soup. It maintains its crispness through the soup. These Soup Crackers are free from preservatives, trans fats, GMOs, artificial ingredients, and cholesterol. They are also wholesome, healthy snacks.

Company Information

A&A Greenilla Food Ltd.
Edmonton, AB

Introducing Moe, your go-to-source for authentic Myanmar cuisine that is ready to eat and easy to prepare, for retail and food services. Myanmar's culinary heritage is a fusion of its neighboring culinary giants like India, China, and Thailand resulting in a uniquely flavor experience. At Moe, our mission is to bring the rich flavors of Myanmar cuisine closer to North American consumers. We prioritize food safety, quality, and sustainability in every aspect of our production process.