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Three Mustard Dill Sauce

Edmonton, AB
A mustard sauce that comes in a 240ml squeeze bottle. Delicious on: Gravlax, sandwiches, roasted meats, hamburgers , sausages, seafood and anywhere your culinary imagination takes you.

Company Information

Sgambaro's Signature Seafoods Inc.
Edmonton, AB

Sgambaro's specializes in fine gourmet salmon products. Our unique product line includes Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon (lox), Gravlax , Salmon Sausage, Salmon burgers, Salmon Pate, Salmon Jerky plus our own delicious three mustard dill sauce. All of our products are made in our state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton, Alberta & shipped to fine retailers, restaurants and hotels across the province of Alberta. Our products are proudly retailed at all Italian Centre shops and various Sunterra markets