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Smoked Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Black Diamond, AB
This popular spice is gently smoked and freshly packed to keep all it’s aromas in its full glory. These smoky flakes go incredibly well with your salads, pasta’s, pizza’s, over fries, tater tots never taste the same again ones you tasted them with these smoked flakes and of course you can use them

Company Information

Maas BBQ
Black Diamond, AB

From the beginning of our existence humans have been cooking with open fire and we’re continuing this tradition. We’re smoking up a selection of fantastic spices which elevate your meals beyond your believe, Western Bacon and Sausages as well as TRADITIONAL Sichuan Bacon, Ribs and Sausages. All our products are smoked with local woods in our offset smoker, we're keeping our smoked spices and meat products completely separate to avoid cross contamination for our vegetarian/vegan customers.