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PicaRico Salsa Verde Intensa

Edmonton, AB
This traditional Mexican salsa verde is delicious and authentic, with our own special twist. Intensely spicy? No. It's intensely tangy, a mouth-watering brightness on your tongue that will make you crave more. Tomatillo, jalapeño, and bright acidity are the highlights. Heat: 3/10

Company Information

Salsa Whisperer
Edmonton, AB

We are Salsa Whisperer, a family business from Leduc, Alberta. We have a Mexican restaurant in Leduc, Habaneros Mexican Grill, which we opened in 2017. Customers love our Mexican salsas and kept asking if we planned to put them in bottles and sell them in stores. Eventually, we gave in to peer pressure and created a new brand, Salsa Whisperer, to sell our salsas in retail stores. We bring genuine Mexican bold flavours, and after one taste, customers realize that our product is different.