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Ninety 20 Year Old Whisky 45%

High River, AB
One of the oldest whiskies in Canada. We waited over 20 years to introduce this superb product. We start with corn grains and after multiple distillations we put the creamy liquid into charred used bourbon barrels. After 20 years we have drawn and blended from our cherished reserves

Company Information

Highwood Distillers
High River, AB

With every sip of a Highwood Distillery spirit, you taste the heart of the Canadian Rockies and our team’s unwavering passion for the craft. As an independent family-run distillery, we prioritize quality, sustainability and community above all. Founded in 1974, Highwood Distillers stands as a beacon of handcrafted spirits in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Western Canada. For close to half a century, our independent, family-owned distillery has passionately merged tradition.