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Cococo Chocolates

Calgary, AB
The classic gift of good taste. Bursting with award-winning chocolates delivering delicious flavours and textures, our famous Copper Boxes and boxed chocolate collections have been a beloved part of family traditions and gift-giving for decades. Made with RFA Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter.

Company Information

Cocoa Community Confections Inc.
Calgary, AB

Cocoa Community Confections Inc., is named after our 3 core values, but most people know us by our nickname, Cococo. We are purveyors of delicious and award-winning fine cocoa confectionery including Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut™ products. We believe chocolate is a food that requires all of us — consumers, industry, farmers, buyers, and sellers — to work collaboratively with the shared goal of improving sustainability across the cocoa supply chain. We call that #chocolatetogether.