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BBQ Beautiful Brisket Rub

Sundre, AB
BBQ Beautiful Brisket Rub elevates the beef flavour profile — which should always be the star in a good brisket. Years of tweaking and perfecting went into this recipe. Prepare brisket. Shake spice well. Apply a generous coating of BBQ Beautiful Brisket Rub on meat. Add smoke and time on the pit.

Company Information

BBQ Beautiful
Sundre, AB

BBQ Beautiful is a small Albertan company selling all natural barbeque spice rubs, sauces and seasonings — ideal for all your favourite recipes. The spices were created from an overall passion and love for cooking, food, barbeque and smoked meats. Every recipe is made with all natural ingredients, no MSG, and no artificial colours or flavours. BBQ Beautiful creates, blends and packages its products in Alberta to support the local economy and help ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.