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100% Haskap Juice

Edmonton, AB
Frozen, Cold Pressed, Unpasteurized 473ml. This produce all Canadian. The berries are grown and juiced in Alberta. Unpasteurized because we are about nutrition & quality, pasteurizing kills 30-50% of the good stuff. Our customers health is #1.

Company Information

Rosy Farms
Edmonton, AB

We are Alberta's only Organic Haskap orchard. Being Alberta's first haskap grower, way back in 2005. We pride our self's on growing the most nutritionally dense fruit possible. Our unique regenerative farm builds up the soil, enhances biodiversity and sequesters carbon; year after year bettering the farm. Being a teaching farm, we are all about community. So, come find our staff and Interns at summer and year round farmers markets in Edmonton and in stores across Alberta.

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