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Round Box Foods Cocoa Sauce

Lethbridge, AB
Cocoa Sauce, a 250ml bottle of chocolatey indulgence to elevate desserts, stir into beverages, or simply enjoy over ice cream, fruit or waffles. Cocoa Sauce is made from four simple ingredients, creating a decadent cocoa syrup to celebrate any food moment.

Company Information

Round Box Foods Ltd
Lethbridge, AB

Round Box Foods Ltd is a dessert sauce producer, creating specialty sweet sauces to tempt any tastebuds. Small batch production in Lethbridge, Alberta in a provincially inspected facility allows us to ensure quality and exceptional flavour for our products. Simplicity and quality ingredients are part of our signature. Our premiere product is Cocoa Sauce, a chocolately syrup delicious over ice cream, in hot and cold beverages like coffee and milk, to dip fruit in and to garnish desserts.