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PeelTEA Honey Iced Tea

Calgary, AB
Crafted using upcycled ingredients, PeelTEA helps the planet and is a perfect thirst quencher. PeelTEA Honey Iced Tea offers a healthy alternative to a popular beverage that is full of sugar. PeelTEA Honey Iced Tea is sweetened with raw honey while maintaining its healthy characteristics.

Company Information

Peeled Beverages Inc
Calgary, AB

Peeled Beverages is a truly innovative and sustainable brand looking to educate and hydrate consumers. At Peeled we extract the nutrients from fruit and vegetable peels collected from organic farms. We craft the nutrients into healthy and great tasting beverages, and then use our byproduct to improve the biodiversity of soil on local farms. While our current beverages taste great and are genuinely good for you, we are passionate about continuing to innovate and expand our product offerings.