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Killer Shroomz Shitake Szecuan BBQ Rub By Darkside

Edmonton, AB
Killer shrooms was invented using a day long Szechuan hot pot broth infused with a hickory smoked beef rib. Its ability to go on anything is Amazing! Umami with a kick! From chicken and ribs to steak or stir fry even that grilled seafood will pop with this one of a kind Rub!

Company Information

Dark side of the grill
Edmonton, AB

A BBQ and Live fire pitmaster born and raised in Edmonton Alberta! cooking that Alberta Beef over the fire and coals on TV on the radio and the internet All over the world! teaching classes, catering big farmers events and the odd rodeo! I have walked the stage at the American royal and Wowed them at Memphis in may! I now have a full line of BBQ spices rubs and seasonings as well as hot sauce and merchandise. Darkside of the grill is now a worldwide show coming in hot right from Alberta!