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Chocolate Endurance Bar

Edmonton, AB
Crafted to conquer those long endurance days, we are  providing you with 15+g of carbohydrates in a 30g stick of chocolate-based fuel. The 30g Endurance Bar is a single serving energy bar. It takes a classic chocolate recipe and adds Alberta honey for extra carbohydrates to fuel your next adventure: it's the go-to bar for in-sport activity. Our bars come in 3 flavours: Everest: 65% dark chocolate with goji berries and Himalayan salt, Aconcagua: 65% dark chocolate with golden berries and cacao nibs, and Denali: 40% milk chocolate with peanut butter and wild blueberries.

Company Information

7 Summits Snacks
Edmonton, AB

7 Summits Snacks is a women owned and led superfood chocolate company. In a world of carb gels and protein bars, 7 Summits Snacks provides purposeful chocolate snacks, made by athletes , for athletes, designed to fuel your next adventure.